Barnard3 in Perseus

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Object Description: This is one of the most unusual images I have ever seen and cannot find another example posted on the internet. On the left side of the image is IC348, a bright cluster. In the center is dark nebula, Barnard3. The interesting interplay behind Barnard3 is a mixture of HII emissions and blue reflection nebulae, creating a unique rainbow effect. I was having focuser issues both nights. The image is oriented North up.

Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106N
Camera: Canon 40D self-modified w/ Baader UV/IR cut filter
Mount: ParamountME unguided
Filters: none


Date Taken: 16 & 17NOV2009
Location: Weed, NM
Sky Conditions: transparency 3/5, seeing averaged 2.51 arcseconds one night, 1.56 the next
Image Acquisition: 70x300s, iso800 using CCDCommander & CCDSoft

Image Processing: ImagesPlus 3.80 used for data reduction, alignment, SigMed combine, initial DDP. PSCS2 used for levels, curves, and color enhancement. GradX for background equalization.


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