NGC869 & NGC884 in Perseus

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Object Description: Located approximately 7000 light years away, these two open clusters are easily visible to the naked eye under dark skies. NGC884 is on the left, NGC869 is on the right. The two clusters are separated by just a few hundred light years. The image is oriented North up.

Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106N
Camera: Canon 40D modified w/ Baader UV/IR cut filter
Mount: ParamountME unguided
Filters: no filters


Date Taken: 23AUG2009
Location: Weed, NM
Sky Conditions: transparency 3/5, seeing 2/5, temp 18C
Image Acquisition: 12x300s, iso800, using CCDCommander & CCDSoft

Image Processing: ImagesPlus 3.80 used for data reduction, alignment, MinMaxExc combine, initial DDP. PSCS2 used for levels, curves, and color enhancement.


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