M1 "The Crab Nebula" in Taurus

Mouseover image for a more "conventional" RGB image enhanced with Ha and OIII


Object Description: In 1054 AD, Chinese astronomers noted a "guest star", visible during the daytime for 23 days. This supernova may have also been recorded by the Anasazi Indians. The remnant of the supernova explosion was discovered by John Bevis in 1731. Comet hunter Charles Messier was inspired by this object in 1758 to begin his famous list of objects in the sky that are not comets. The supernova remnant is expanding at 1800km/sec. At it's distance of 6300 light years from earth, it is approximately 10 light years in diameter. Image is oriented north up.

Telescope: 360mm Ritchey-Chretien
Camera: KAF-6303E
Mount: ParamountME
Filters: Custom Scientific CRGB, Baader 5nm NB


Date Taken: Collected over many nights from November 2011 thru January 2012
Location: Weed, NM
Sky Conditions: seeing ranged from 1.0 to 2.5 for all nights.
Image Acquisition: Red 150min, Green 135min, Blue 165min, Ha 630min, OIII 600min, using CCDSoft, totalling 28 hours

Image Processing: ImagesPlus 4.25 used for data reduction, grading, alignment, SigMed combine, initial DDP. PSCS4-64 used for levels, curves, clipping mask groups, and color enhancement. Cropped for presentation.


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